Lavapots Artists

Mark Kimball

Mark graduated with honors from the University of Hawaii in 1976, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics. After graduation, he felt drawn to the Big Island and chose to live and work in the rural artist and farming community of Holualoa. In 1989, continuing to pursue his passion for sculpture and ceramics, he began to experiment with locally available materials.

Eventually he designed a composite lava-like material that does not require firing, is waterproof, and is plastic enough to be formed on the potter's wheel.

Mark enjoys the simple natural beauty of weathered lava in the Hawaiian landscape. This is the inspiration for his sculptural pieces.

He specializes in making large lava-like pieces that are used creatively in many island homes for purposes such as containers for plants, water features, fire pots, fountains, fishponds, reflecting pools, and durable lavascape sculptures.

His work may be seen in many resorts and galleries, as well as fine private collections throughout the Hawaiian Islands.


Kanoa Kimball

Kanoa grew up appreciating the geology, textures and forms of rock found in Hawaii and throughout the world. Apprenticing in various capacities for the last 25 years, he has studied and created lavapots.
He now collaberates with his father on most of the larger pieces and makes a few of his own.

Kanoa prides himself on capturing the various vitality of eruption as well as the inevitable evisceration of erosion in a durable medium.


Ann Rothstein
Mosaic Artist